My name is Béla Nagy, and I was born in the city of Cluj/Kolozsvár, cultural capital of Transylvania, Romania. I live in Hungary since 1993. I had an interest in photography since my early adolescent years. Most of the photos on this site have been taken during my trips, journeys in the mountains, caves and cities of Romania, Hungary and in other different places where I've been travelling. I am a graphic designer. In my spare-time I follow my hobbies: Photography, hiking, travel and spelunking - luckily, these interests work well together.


I shoot with Pentax cameras and different lenses – both reputable Pentax primes and various zoom lenses. Although I am a proud Pentaxian I am not strictly gear-oriented, I believe that the photographer is what makes the difference. I use a variety of software in my workflow like Silkypix, ACDSee Pro, and last but not least Adobe Photoshop.

My photos on other sites:

  • My selection of photos accepted in the Pentax Photo Gallery.
  • One of my cave photos was published by MatadorNetwork in the photo essay 12 Places to Feel Dwarfed by Nature.
  • I got several cave photos - taken during an 8 day long underground camp - published in a book about the discovery and the 50 years of exploration of the Wind Cave (located in Transylvania, Romania).

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    You can contact me on Facebook, and Instagram.